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Following the collapse of the Zimbabwe Dollar, Zimbabwe currently uses the US Dollar as its currency. Cash is king in Zimbabwe: make sure you can cover your costs during your visit as withdrawing cash from an ATM or bank is not something you can rely on. Travellers’ cheques and credit/debit cards are not widely accepted and often incur hefty fees.


Zimbabwean cuisine is strongly influenced by Europe, with pasta, rice and potatoes readily available.

On safari, you will generally be served European style cuisine with an African twist. Maize is the most common thing to eat and you must make sure you try Sadza, kind of like maize balls that you roll up with your hands and dip in your stew.

Make sure you try the local foods as it is all part of the experience.


Please let us know your dietary requirements so that we can inform the catering services on your trip abut your needs, be they for health or religious reasons. 


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